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Phones for Sale

I have many of the vintage rotary phones that I talk about on this blog that are available for sale. I don’t always have them posted or displayed on the site so please feel free to contact me with your wish list. If you are interested in a Western Electric rotary dial telephone, tell me what you’re looking for. I can tell you if I have what you need and how much it will cost. I particularly enjoy detailing phones to order. When a potential customer contacts me, we discuss a certain phone and the price. With that person in mind I take the pleasure of turning a dirty and untested telephone into a nice, working, cleaned and polished telephone. I will gladly send photos of the telephone once the restoration is complete so that you can see the final product before purchase. I accept payment via PayPal or personal check or money order.

As part of my restoration process I completely disassemble each telephone that I detail. I detail each part. Electrical contact points are cleaned, including dial contacts to ensure excellent operation and a static free telephone conversation. The plastic is hand polished with many coats of Novus 2 polish until it is as good as it can get. I spend many hours detailing each telephone–anywhere from six to ten hours of tedious work goes in to each telephone—but it is work that I enjoy.

Each desk set will have a modern modular plug attached to the original matching line cord so that you can plug it in immediately and begin using your telephone. If you are interested in the wall phone version of the model 500, the 554 I can either connect a wire to allow you to plug the phone into your floor jack or install an accessory that allows the phone to be hung on a modern wall plate.

So if you’re looking for a great Vintage Rotary Phone that will last for many many years to come, or you’d like me to refurbish your telephone, please contact me. Just click on the “Contact” tab on the right side of the Home page. I will get back with you promptly.

Please take a moment to read comments from “Satisfied Customers“.

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