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Princess Phones – It’s Little, It’s Lovely, It Doesn’t Light?

People often purchase Princess phones from various places such as yard sales, Estate sales, or perhaps from eBay. They do not always realize that the phones will not light without a transformer and the appropriate materials needed to plug them in for power.

I get many requests from people wanting to know where they can obtain transformers, bulbs or various other parts for their Western Electric Princess Phones. From time to time I have had what people need but often I have to send them elsewhere. There is a very nice lady that has sold Princess phones on eBay for years. Her name is Michelle Smith and she uses an eBay name of smigon. Michelle tells me that although she has sold literally hundreds of Princess phones she is getting out of the business and has sold most of her telephone stock. However she also says she still has some very nice parts available for sale. If you are looking for transformer kits, handset cords, splitters, ringers, light bulbs and sockets Michelle can be contacted sending her an e-mail at Michelle Smith or check her items currently for sale at her smigon listing on eBay. Her prices are reasonable and she even includes free shipping on some of them. Don’t wait though, when they’re gone they’re gone!

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