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Western Electric Model 554 Wall Phone – 1962

I have just listed this very nice Western Electric model 554 wall phone. The phone is a beautiful “pastel yellow”. It is ready to hang on the wall for immediate use. Please take a look at the eBay listing!

This telephone has sold. Please watch for another beautiful Western Electric vintage rotary phone to be listed soon!

2 responses to “Western Electric Model 554 Wall Phone – 1962”


What a disappointment when I saw that your yellow phone sold so quickly! I just painted my study sun yellow and was hoping….

Are yellow desk phones of this type available?

Keep polishing those phones!

Jacquelyn Kay

P. S. I love your “phone lore.” 🙂

Jacquelyn I have just listed a second yellow wall phone. The first one I had listed sold last week. I do have a yellow desk model that is available as well. Please contact me via the “Contact” tab at the top of my Home page. Thank you!

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