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Yellow Western Electric Model 554 Wall Phone

I have listed a very nice yellow wall phone for sale on eBay. Please take a minute to check out the listing. It is moderately priced! Thank you!

This telephone has sold!

2 responses to “Yellow Western Electric Model 554 Wall Phone”


As a recipient of one of your gorgeously restored phones, I would like to point out that your “moderately priced” phones are far superior to the phones in “excellent” condition that others advertise on eBay. You are very dilligent to report all the flaws on your phones, but I think everyone should remember that the tiny flaws you point out never detract in any significant way from the value the average purchaser would receive! Keep up the good work.

Thanks Dave, I appreciate your vote of confidence. If things stay the way they are now you may soon be the recipient of a second gorgeously restored telephone!

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