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Western Electric Soft Plastic – Vintage Rotary Phones In Color

I was recently made aware of a web based program for uploading and viewing photographs. It is by Google and called Picasa Web Albums. Once photo “albums” are uploaded in a public category they are available to anyone in the world with internet access. One may search the public photos using any key word to see photos taken by ordinary people—not just professionals–to share with the world. There are photographs covering just about anything the mind can imagine.

I have uploaded some photos of some of my soft plastic model 500’s made by Western Electric. These phones are from my personal collection. I have a few other colors that I have yet to upload and a few that are still being hunted. Please take a look at the albums I have uploaded so far. Feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!

A fellow collector from California, Jorge Amely proudly displays a recently refurbished white Western Electric model 500. What a great job he did returning this beautiful telephone to service!

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