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Western Electric Soft Plastic Model 500 – May of 1956

I just finished restoring this very nice cherry red model 500. This model was made in May of 1956 with all part with that original date, except the dial which is dated February of 1956. Even the cords are original. It has very nice suede feet. I have restored the phone keeping in mind originality. This phone is all “soft plastic” and is truly a collector’s item. I have not listed it for sale on eBay as I ponder its fate. What usually happens after I have refurbished a nice, original telephone such as this is that I end up keeping them. They’re just too nice to sell! But, on the other hand, I can’t possibly keep them all. So I will say that this telephone is For Sale. Notice from the photos the handset cord. One of the first clues that it may be an original cord is that it is a “fat” cord. Fat in that the wire itself is thick. You can’t find these at Walmart that is certain! Rather than put a reproduction number card on this phone I have installed an original dial card. The number is Area Code and number 303-242-0573. Below the number are the words “Pty Code” which stood for the party line. It is a very cool, original number card. The area code of 303 is from the Denver area.

If you have any questions, please contact me!

I have another phone waiting in the staging area waiting for a refurbishment. Thanks for looking!

***UPDATE – February 15, 2007****THIS PHONE HAS SOLD****

I have more red model 500’s from this vintage available.? Please contact me to discuss the purchase of your own beautiful, vintage retro model 500 telephone!

1 responses to “Western Electric Soft Plastic Model 500 – May of 1956”

Sad thing is I can remember 16 years ago, hauling tractor trailer loads of these phones from a Bell Atlantic warehouse in VA. The sad part is, the phones had been stripped apart to their core components, tossed in huge cardboard bins and were heading off to be salvaged, scrapped and smelted into lord knows what. Pretty kewl gig you got here – popped over from Challies.

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