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Western Electric Model 500 – For Sale

I have just listed a very nice Western Electric model 500 C/D for sale on eBay. You are looking at a photo of the phone. This is one of the nicer phones that I have run across lately. The base of this phone was made in 1962 and the plastic, handset, dial and ringer bells are from 1963. Take a look!

This phone has sold! I have more red phones available. If you don’t see one here, e-mail me !

4 responses to “Western Electric Model 500 – For Sale”

I have an older 2500 model that has a slight blemish on top, between the hook switches. How do you polish the plastic to achieve such a beautiful finish?

Kind regards,
Jorge Amely

Thanks Jorge for your question. I have been very successful with a polish called Novus. Novus polish is available in three grades. #1 is a fine, finish polish and comes in a bottle with a spray pump. The bottle has a blue label. Polish #2, with a red label is a medium grade polish and really the workhorse. In the green labeled bottle is Novus #3 which is for deeper scratches. I have been unable to locate Novus polish in retail stores but have been successful in finding it on eBay. Most times all three bottles are purchased together. I purchase Novus #2 in a half gallon bottle. I’m sure if you contact the sellers they will be able to help you.
After generous portions of polish are applied I spend a lot of time rubbing, buffing, more polish, more rubbing and more buffing until the desired shine is attained. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip on Novus polish! If you want to clean and polish bakelite I would also recomend “paste polishing number 5” from greygate chemical products, specifically designed for cleaning Bakelite telephones. Although as far as I am aware this is only available from the UK. Regards Karen

Thank you Karen. I recently heard that Novus polish is sold at Harley Davidson motorcycle shops over the counter. I have had a difficult time finding it in retail stores. Maybe someone can give that a try and report back. Thanks for your comments.

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