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Vintage Refurbished Kellogg Model DK-500 – 1954

More than a year ago I attended a telephone show hosted by the TCI (Telephone Collectors International) in Mason, Michigan. The phone shows are an excellent place for collectors to gather and talk phones, display some of their telephones and to sell complete phones as well as parts to each other and to the public. While at the show I bought a box of “stuff”. All I wanted from the box was a Western Electric wall phone but the seller—phone collector and President of the TCI, Ray Kotke insisted that I had to take the entire box if I wanted the wall phone. The price was right, but what else was inside?

Before I got out of the door a couple other collectors approached me. They had spied something in the box that they wanted. I was able to sell to them their desired parts for a couple of bucks bringing the price of my mystery box even lower than the low price I had paid. With the help of two phone collector friends, Mark Scola and Jim Frenza, we quickly surveyed the box as it was loaded into the car. We noticed a filthy, nasty (as the kids today say) Kellogg model 500. Jokingly one of my companions made a comment that he had no doubt that I would attempt to clean up that phone.

Well that challenge stayed with me but it was not until a short while ago that I decided to pull the phone out of the box to see what I had. What I had was an extremely dirty, musty smelling Kellogg 500.

Please take a few minutes to view my Google Picasa photo album and see the transition of this phone from junk to jewel. At least it is a jewel to me. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s Vintage Rotary Phone!

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