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Tell Us How You Like Your Telephone!

I have sold many Vintage Rotary Telephones on eBay and also outside of eBay. Many of my customers have been return customers. When a telephone is purchased outside of eBay there has been no way for the buyer to leave positive feedback about their purchase. I have set up this area for that purpose. As a satisfied customer I ask that you please take a moment to leave a comment regarding your purchase of a Vintage Rotary Telephone. Unlike eBay, there is no character limit so you can write as much as you’d like!!! Thank you!

111 responses to “Tell Us How You Like Your Telephone!”

The phone is beautiful, the packaging was great and it arrived 5 days after I bought it. I would definitely order another phone. Great dealing with Dennis…he is a professional!!

Thank you Linda for taking the time to leave your comment. I appreciate your business. Enjoy your Vintage Rotary Telephone!

This is the Western Electric Model 500 dated October of 1955 that Linda purchased. This phone is working happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

I absolutely LOVE my vintage red phone I received from Dennis. It came to me safely packaged and I received it in four days!!! I will definately be a repeat customer! The little red phone is like brand new and it was so reasonably priced. He was great with his communication after I won the phone on an ebay bid! It was a complete pleasure!

Thanks again Dennis! I’ll be purchasing again in the future!

Kara Spilman

Kara's Red Western Electric Model 500Thank you Kara! I really appreciate the kind words and the time you spent to post your comment. It’s that kind of appreciation and feedback that drives me to bring these old phones back into use again. Thank you so much! This is Kara’s Vintage Rotary Phone – A Western Electric Model 500 from 1968 that is working well in Minnesota!

The phone I bought from Dennis is beautiful! I have looked in antique shops, estate sales, flea markets and the odd yard sales for 15+ years trying to find just the right rotary dial phone. It had to have as close as possible the exact look and dial that I remembered as a child at my grandparents house when I played with their phone. Just dialing this phone brings back so many wonderful memories of being in their home. You do wonderful work and for me a miracle of transport back to the very best times of my life. Thank you!

jeanne black phoneThank you Jeanne for the kind words! It’s amazing that something as simple as using a telephone like this, or maybe hearing an old song can take one back to a simpler time. You have described that feeling very well. Thank you and enjoy! This is a photo of the beautiful Western Electric model 500 that Jeanne purchased. Arlington, Texas is the new home of this great telephone!

I received the beautiful 1963 desk phone today! I do not know how you got it here so quickly! It seems as if we finalized the deal just last night and here it is at my door!
When I opened the box it looked just like you had packed it. The phone was so nicely packaged that it never moved! When finally I got to the telephone my first impression was that I somehow got a brand new one instead of the 1963 we had discussed ! It was so shiny and looked like no one had ever used the handset or dial! To think this phone is 45 years old is amazing! Of course I had to plug it in for a test drive and the ring is just as crisp as I remember as a child. I love the sound and feel of the dial! You have done an outstanding job of restoration!
Thank you too for the personal attention! You knew it was important for me to get a 1963 and you worked tirelessly until you got just the right phone!
What a pro!

Thank you Patti. I enjoyed working on this phone for you. It is difficult sometimes to find exact dates for customer’s telephones but for this particular phone I was fortunate enough to have what you wanted. Of course the first thing that comes to mind for me when the year 1963 is talked about was the assassination of President Kennedy. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that time and this telephone has been there to watch the events pass by. It truly is incredible how durable these telephones are. Enjoy yours and thank you again! Here is a photo of the 1963 model 500 C/D that Patti purchased. This phone is now ringing loudly in the Dallas area!

Thank you so much dennis for all of the hard work and time you took on my phone. I really appreiciate all of the information you have given me about my phone. In fact, there is so much great information on the phone that I am compiling it all and giving it to my dad along with the phone for Christmas. thanks again and if I can get my hands on another one of these phones I will be sending it your way to be refurbished.
Lisa Byther

This phone is a Western Electric model 554. This is a mid-1950’s telephone with a very nice soft-plastic case and thick chrome hook. The dial number card is original—-from the 212 area code. Originally this phone was put into service in the New York City – Manhattan area. Shown here are the “before” and “after” photos of this telephone. Lisa sent me this telephone for refurbishment. It turned out very nice. Thank you Lisa for your kind words. I hope your gift to your father will be one of his most memorable.

Excellent red wall telephone. Very clean, shiny. I haven’t heard it ring (yet)but am sure it is wonderful. Well worth the money.

Thank you Barbara! Those red Western Electric model 554’s are very popular. Enjoy! Here is a photo of the beautiful wall phone purchased by Barbara. The telephone now has a home in the Boston area.

In the days of hurry hurry hurry I don’ have the time to help you, Dennis came through for me. I could not haved asked for anyone to be any more helpful than he has been. The communication on buying this telephone was nothing but great. The phone arrived in a very timely matter. I have received a lot of packages, but none has been better packed than the way he does it. The phone looked just the way he said it would, but only better.If I ever need another phone he’s my man. Thanks again for super job you did for me. Charles

Charles, it was a pleasure putting together a telephone for you. I know that it will bring you and your family years of enjoyment. Thank you also for the nice words of praise. I try very hard to make sure no detail is left undone. They’re not always “perfect” but considering most are forty to over fifty years old it’s amazing how nice they are when I’m finished working on them. As a fellow collector said to me recently, “you can’t buy them at Home Depot!” Here is a photo of Charles’ red Western Electric model 500. It’s alive and well in Alabama–The Heart of Dixie!

I absolutely LOVE my aqua Western Electric phone!! It’s even nicer than in the photos. No one can believe it’s 45 years old–they all assume it’s brand new! Dennis is a total pro in every respect. His thoughtful communication, meticulous packaging and fast shipping exemplify the kind of personal service that’s as rare as hen’s teeth these days. It’s obvious that Dennis loves these old phones as much as we do!

Thank you Greg! We held our breaths on this one. Greg was so excited about getting his phone but it seemed to take an inordinate amount of time to get to him in south-central Texas. It took a day or two longer than usual, more than likely due to the holiday rush. But all is well and I am relieved that it has arrived and you are obviously pleased. The pleasure I get from restoring these telephones is the feedback I get like yours. These wonderful telephones gradually disappeared from the landscape without fanfare. It’s great to bring them back with some! Here is a photo of Greg’s very nice aqua blue Western Electric model 500. Another satisfied Texan!

As you know, I fooled around with restoring and reselling these phones a couple years ago. I cleaned ’em up and sold ’em with a bit of success, and never heard any complaints from the buyers about the phones I sold. Then I lost interest and moved on to other things.

For whatever reason, a couple of days ago I got an idea that I wanted a phone from the month of my birth, which is November of 1955. Sure enough, two days later you showed up at my house with a perfectly restored red November of 1955 Western Electric rotary phone. Perfectly and lovingly restored. You took the time to show me the dates on the phone, and how you restored and polished it, including each and every one of the dozens of tiny screws inside the phone. I really never knew just how perfectly you restored these phones. But now I do. Anyone who buys one of your phones will surely be treated to a piece of history that is far better than their expectations.

Thanks for a terrific gift, Dennis. It is most appreciated.

The pleasure was all mine. Sharing my enthusiasm for these telephones with others is very gratifying. Being able to restore a telephone with a specific recipient in mind, in this case a person I worked with and have been friends with for twenty years made it that much more satisfying. I was surprised by your request for a telephone and even more surprised when I found that I had a red “soft plastic” telephone with dates nearly on the day you were born that was yet to be restored. As you know, this phone was made one day before your actual birth date. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a couple photographs of your “birthday” phone with the rest of the world. As I do with each telephone I restore, I try not to take any short cuts. I was especially careful on this phone and would accept nothing but my best on each piece. Enjoy! Thank you!!

The telephone arrived very well packaged and in great shape. Exactly as described, and ready to plug in and use. Restored at the hands of a master, just what I needed to complete my early 20th century escape room. Thanks Dennis.

Thank you Mike! I’m glad that you’re enjoying your very nice vintage rotary phone made by the premier telephone manufacturer, Western Electric. Mike’s telephone was made in March of 1956 making it nearly fifty-one years old. It is my pleasure to make these phones available and to put them back into circulation for another generation to use and enjoy. Mike’s phone is now ringing loudly in Hollywood, California! Here’s a picture of his model 500.

Dennis, my Coca-Cola red phone is a pleasure to use. I plugged it in and it worked perfectly right out of the box. Got dial tone immediately. So I did something I hadn’t done in years — I DIALED p-o-p-c-o-r-n and got the time from the phone company. What a nostalgic kick. What I like about these phones is what you DON’T have to do. No wading through some confusing instruction booklet. No annoying menus to navigate. No batteries to install. No tiny buttons to squint at. And best of all no “can you hear me now” conversations. The sound quality on this phone is wonderful — it sounds like the person I’m talking to is sitting right next to me. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a nice big handset to hold on to. Am I the only person in the world tired of doing fingertip balancing with dinky phones? I’ll bet In the past 15 years I’ve gone thru 20 different phones. My current cordless (a Panasonic) eats handset batteries, even though the batteries are supposedly rechargable. With seven handset extensions I spend well over $100 a year just for replacement batteries. What a royal ripoff. As far as I’m concerned, telephone technology peaked with the old Bell system and the 500 series rotary phones from Western Electric. I’m gradually replacing my cordless handsets with rotarys. I’d like to get a 500 desk or wall model in turquoise (not aqua) with a hard wired coil cord and line. Apparently turquoise is a hard to find color. If you have one I’d be very interested. Dennis, you are providing a public service restoring and selling these phones. And by the way, your packing and shipping were excellant. I received my phone three days after paying you — that must be a record of some kind. Thanks again.

Note: This article appeared on-line on September 29, 2007. It relates to “pop-corn”



Thank you Tom. I had never heard about the p-o-p-c-o-r-n/time thing. We learn something new every day. I agree with you about the quality of the telephones. Similar to today’s automobiles today’s products are meant to throw away and buy again. I don’t even own a cordless telephone. There is a rotary dial phone in just about every room of the house. No call waiting, no caller I.D., not even an answering machine. If I want all of that I’ll use my cellular telephone. With regard to your comments about shipping—-I usually drop off a purchased telephone within hours of the sale…not 18 hours but just two or three. It’s maddening to make a purchase and wait days and days to get your “new” item. As I type this I was again disappointed today by no package on an item I purchased over twelve days ago….even with the holidays that is slow service….and we can’t blame the postal service. Thanks again Tom for your nice comments! Here is the vintage rotary phone that Tom purchased!

I recently wrote Dennis because I had a question regarding vintage phones. Even though I hadn’t even purchased anything from him, he went out of his way to help me get my question answered, he even went as far as to research my question for me.
I may not be a buyer yet, but I can highly recomend his customer service, as well as his niceness. He really goes above and beyond to help.
I really look forward to doing business with you Dennis!
Thanks again for all your help!

The pleasure was all mine Angela. I hope you are successful in getting your telephone into service. Come back anytime!

Dennis gave me excellent service, and I didn’t even buy anything from him! He helped me solve a real puzzle with a Northern Electric 500 C/D that wouldn’t get a dial tone. Way more information and hands on help than I would have ever expected in this day of age.

Thank you Eric for the comment. It was my pleasure helping you out. Actually it was fun to solve that puzzle. Enjoy your vintage rotary phone!

This is a great phone, the attention to detail both with the phone maintenance and with the sale were amazing. I have access to old phones through a studio prop shop but nothing was this clean and well maintained. Next time I do an old show I will look for more old phones here. Thank you again…

Thank you Scott. I appreciate your business and your comments. This is a photo of the classic black 1959 Western Electric model 500 C/D that Scott purchased. It’s back on the job in southern California!

I’m really happy with this purchase on eBAY!! It’s a western electric model 500, cherry red (Dennis says Coca-Cola color), anyway it’s really gorgeous. I appreciate very much Dennis allowed me to take part on EBAY, because he usually ships to the U.S.A., and I’m living in Spain; He noted that I had a big interest on this phone and was as kind as inviting me to place a bid. Well, I couldn’t wait for the ending of it, so I decided to get it using Buy it now, and it was a very good option for me. I must outstand the fact that Dennis puts all his love and good professionalism in get restored these superb phones to hand them to us in the best possible condition. To be honest, I was really stunned when I read the description of this phone and then I realized that I was meeting an enthusiastic and that I could trust him, and he didn’t dissapoint me. Both the inside and the outside is squeaky clean, works and rings well. It’s a honor for me to have it in my spanish home. God bless you Dennis. I encourage you to keeping on this restoration work and best regards from Spain, you’ve got an admirer here. Alfredo.

Alfredo, your comments and compliments are very much appreciated. It was my pleasure to send the telephone to you in Spain. I enjoy getting world-wide recognition. It is great that the telephones work on the same system there as here in the United States. I do enjoy the work that I put into these old telephones and I’m glad that it shows. Thank you again. Perhaps some day I can visit Spain and come visit my old telephone! This is a photograph of the telephone ringing loud and clear in Spain!

Just a few days ago, I received my Aqua phone that I purchased from Dennis. The phone arrived in pristine, immaculate condition. It is hard to believe the shine and finish that Dennis has been able to bring back 50+ years after it was built. The care and attention he has put into this phone goes beyond what you see. Take apart the handset and the housing and you will be transported back in time to the day it was manufactured. There is not a speck of dust inside.
When it stops ringing, you will notice the lingering sound that remains; no modern set will be able to imitate that.
The experience of acquiring a phone from Dennis has been great, unlike what you get when you push a button to buy something from the Internet. He will tell you the history and background of what you are getting, as well as a lot of interesting technical information. And if you are a phone geek like me, you will enjoy exchanging emails with him.
I have purchased a few other phones from other vendors (which my wife will not allow inside the house), but the quality of his work is unparalleled. His craftsmanship is imitated by others, but unmatched. You will not regret your brand new “old” phone. That’s why I want a pink one for my wife, a black one for my kids, a ….

Thank you Jorge for your very nice compliments. Jorge had asked me to prepare a telephone for him from the year of his birth 1955 and as close to the month of December. I enjoy very much restoring a telephone with an owner already in mind—sort of custom made. Jorge also wanted a telephone that was aqua in color. Aqua was not manufactured in 1955 so I built an aqua telephone for him on the base, or chassis from November of 1955. By using a frame and all internal parts from November of 1955 leather covered feet were standard. The leather feet are very nice for gripping the desk, holding it in place while a call is dialed. In the later telephones—-those with plastic feet and lighter components, the phone tends to slip during dialing requiring two hands to dial. Because the 7C dial was also from 1955 it was manufactured with heavier steel and brass gears giving it that solid rotary dial sound. The aqua plastic used for this telephone is from 1962 and 1967. Western Electric began producing aqua telephones in 1957 and they were made of soft plastic until mid-1959. Jorge’s telephone has a very long, thick matching line cord. It is a very nice telephone and will be ringing loudly in southern California. Thank you again Jorge, it has been a pleasure helping you get your dream Vintage Rotary Phone! (Click images for larger view)

Thank you Dennis for taking the time to help me with my phone problem. I won’t be buying a vintage phone from anyone but you. I hope to we can talk about old phones again sometime.

Thank you Michelle, I enjoyed our discussion and look forward to providing with the telephone that you want.—Dennis

I purchased a beautiful red wall phone from Dennis and I am more than pleased! All my questions (and I had alot) were answered quickly and patiently! My family loves the phone, the color, and the ring. There is just nothing like these old phones. The phone looks brand new. I would purchase from Dennis again and can’t say enough about what a nice experience it was dealing with him. If you are looking for a vintage phone this is the site to get it from. Thank you Dennis!

Thank you Trish for you nice comments. I am glad that I was able to provide you with the phone that you wanted and that your family is enjoying your vintage rotary phone. It’s fun to put another dot on the map where a beautiful Western Electric telephone is back in service. This time the dot belongs to Massachusetts. Here is a close-up of the telephone Trish and her family are enjoying!

Hi Dennis,

You did such a wonderful job refurbishing my grandmother’s phone – I almost can’t believe how great it looks! I am so pleased to be able to give new life to such a great old item. The ring is beautiful! I am sure this will become a conversation piece in our family for many years to come.


Martha, it was a pleasure restoring a precious memory of your grandmother for you. You are very fortunate to have such a treasure. I am glad that you are pleased. I hope that your telephone brings you many, many more years of service. Transplanted from New York, Martha’s phone will be loudly ringing in the State of Washington! Here is a photo of her model 500.
Thank you Martha!

When we were emptying out my Dad’s house, I took the wall phone out of the kitchen and brought it back to Boston with me. I found Dennis on the web and he completely refurbished the phone. It worked before, but it definitely looked 50 years old. What he returned to me looks like a NEW PHONE. It was beautifully packaged and plugged right into the wall and worked as soon as I took it out. He installed a backplate on it, put on a new cord and generally made it look wonderful.

Thank you, Dennis!

Thank you Barbara for sharing your phone lore with all of us and especially for your compliments. I really enjoyed working on your telephone. As I’ve said many times before, the enjoyment I get from returning a phone into service, especially a family treasure is very rewarding. Here are a few photos of Barbara’s phone—–ringing loudly in the Boston area. (Click each photo for a larger view)

I purchased a red 500 model phone for my mother for Mother’s Day, and it was awesome! I was so pleased with the work Dennis put in to it. The before and after pictures were unbelievable. Dennis really went above and beyond. Communication was great! I would recommend him to anyone, and I would gladly do business again. So, if you want a phone get one from Dennis!


Thank you Ashley for taking the time to post your remarks about the red model 500. I enjoyed my communications with you and was glad that we could put something together for your mother for Mother’s Day. I am certain that she will enjoy that gift for many Mother’s Days to come. That beautiful red 500 is now ringing loudly in Wisconsin!


After receiving my beautiful Aqua 1955 put together by Dennis, I mentioned to him that it would be a good idea to give my wife a pink Model 500 for her office. The idea of her also having a “birthday” phone and not just any pink phone had been lingering in my mind for a while; after all, I can always add one more phone line for a Model 500.
The search for a **-*-59 phone in his dungeon began. At the beginning my hopes were not too high because what are the odds he would have one from that date?
A few days later no phone of that day showed up, but out of his own collection, he offered a very nice looking, Valentine’s Day phone from 1959 (2-14-59), in Rose Pink.
The phone now sits on her desk and to say the least, it is just beautiful. People that visit her office and notice it are amazed at the story behind it.
Once again Dennis, thank you very much.

Thank you Jorge for your very nice comments. Truly the gratification I derive from this hobby of restoring telephones and sharing them with the world is two-fold. I have already mentioned the satisfaction I feel in having satisfied “customers” like yourself. Secondly I am happy to return a piece of our American culture back into service so that the next generation can also experience and use something that was taken for granted. These telephones gradually disappeared from the American landscape and I’m happy to say I think that one-by-one they are resurfacing. People recognize quality and there is nothing made today that even comes close to the artful and practical design of the Western Electric phones of the past. There are many collectors out there helping to keep the memory of our telephone history alive. But more than a museum piece that sits in an enclosed glass case, or on a shelf, I would like to encourage people to use one of these phones in their daily lives. Even those that were not yet born when these phones were in use love the sound of the ringing phone and the dependability of them. Thank you again Jorge!—Dennis

I had searched for weeks for the perfect location to buy my beautiful red model 500 phone. However, as anyone who has ever tried to buy a vintage phone before can attest to, quality, service, and accountability of the craftsmanship can leave one on edge. After finding Dennis and working with him via email I felt completely at ease. I was able to view pictures of the entire process and he was in constant communications with me, explaining all my options, what to expect, and brief historical novelties pertaining to the phone. I have rarely found such professionalism and quality of work elsewhere and am so excited to already be in the works on my next phone with him! Thanks Dennis.

The Western Electric telephone that Ashley purchased was manufactured in February of 1959. It is another example of a soft plastic Vintage Rotary Phone. I try to make the purchase of these vintage telephones a fun process–and an educational one too. I am very happy that you are pleased with your phone, so much so that you are considering another one for your home. Your comments Ashley are appreciated. The kind words of my past customers are what helped bring you to me. I hope that future readers will read your comments and be equally as confident in my product and customer service. This beautiful Cherry Red model 500 has been brought back to life nearly fifty years after it was manufactured—and working well in California! Please enjoy looking at a few snapshots of Ashley’s phone.

Thank you Dennis for my fabulous aqua phone that matches my kitchen decor so wonderfully! As soon as I got it from the mailbox and plugged it in, my fiance called and it rang so sweetly–talk about good timing. The phone looks brand new and it really made my day! I have a farm-house style kitchen with 60’s decor and the phone is a perfect fit! I love the ring to it and I am so glad there are people out there like you who are so knowledgeable about the inner-works of these old phones and are very thorough in fixing and cleaning them. Like I said before this looks like a brand new phone! Thanks again for all your help! Maryann Ferris

I’m glad that you are a Satisfied Customer Maryann!? I make sure each phone that I send out into the world would be one that I would be proud to have in my own collection. Your aqua model 500 is no exception. Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy that telephone for years to come! —-Dennis

Dennis will work with you on a given phone project and see it all the way through. Dennis is responsive and will ensure you are happy before anything is made final. The phone that Dennis delivered to me, a yellow model 500, is a wonderful phone and is in beautiful condition for being 52 years old.

Roberta, Boulder Colorado.

This “Pastel Yellow” Western Electric model 500 that Roberta bought is a very nice example of a soft plastic set from July of 1955. The phone has the classic soft center finger wheel, nice leather feet and a 7C dial giving it that distinct rotary dial sound. This is not only a nice “retro” telephone but it is truly a telephone that would pique the interest of collectors. Roberta I hope that this phone will be everything you expected and you are able to use it for years to come. Thank you for your comments—they are appreciated!—-Dennis

Dennis is great! I bought a phone on ebay and when I couldn’t figure out how to get it working he helped me with many emails and suggestions until I got a dial tone. I didn’t even buy the phone from him and he gave great customer service! Next time I need an old phone, I am shopping at Vintage Rotary Phones because I trust that his phones will be in great working order, and I know I am dealing with a nice, honest guy.

Thank you Natalia—I’m glad that I could help. It’s not about selling—it’s about getting another Vintage Rotary Phone back into service!—–Dennis

It all started when I came across an old WE desk phone at a flea market that desperately needed some love. I went looking on the internet for some help and stumbled upon Dennis’ website and decided to send him a message with my questions. We weren’t even expecting a response, but not only did he respond, he responded within an hour! We later went looking on his website and were torn between the avocado wall phone and the aqua desk phone. We finally settled on the avocado wall phone. From that point on, we had no regrets. Dennis was in contact with us throughout the entire process and went the extra mile of figuring out the shipping to us north of the border.
The phone arrived in immaculate condition in a perfectly packaged box and is now hanging in our living room. The phone works amazingly and we are so happy with it! I’ve already put in my request to have him send me the aqua desk phone.
This was a truely wonderful experience and Dennis works magic on these phones.
Nova Scotia, Canada

Thank you Melissa for your nice comments. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again—-the real pleasure I get from refurbishing these old telephones is the feedback I get from people like yourself. It also gives me pleasure to know that an “old” phone destined for the dumpster is now back in service working as it did many years ago. Another phone put back into service. The avocado wall phone, or “Moss Green” as Western Electric called them had intermal parts made from 1957 with the plastic case and handset updated a few years later. A couple months after this posting Melissa got her aqua model 500. The aqua 500 made in June of 1959 is nearly fifty years old! Take a look at the two Vintage Rotary Phones that are alive and well in Nova Scotia.


Dennis, the phone is absolutely fantastic! It sure brings back memories of my youth.

If anyone out there is looking to purchase a vintage phone, I highly recommend buying from this site. Dennis was great to deal with, the phone arrived promptly, and the condition of the phone is immaculate. It looks brand new.

I truly enjoyed doing business with you Dennis. I was looking forward to getting the phone; the smooth transaction and the quality of the product more than exceeded my expectations!

Thanks again, and if I can “convert” anyone to a vintage phone, I’ll be sending them here.

Craig Forrest
Columbia, MO

You are welcome Craig! Bringing back memories of our youth is a good thing. For some reason these telephones have a way of doing that. I still remember several years back when I heard that ringer again after a long absence. It was like hearing from an old friend. It’s music to my ears that goes straight to my heart! I’m glad you like your Vintage Rotary Phone!


I just started collecting the Western Electric 500 models, and had numerous questions that I couldn’t find answers to on the internet. I called Dennis, and he was very informative about the history of telephones, as well as the proper care and service these phones require. He went out of his way to obtain some information for me. He devoted a lot of time to someone new and impatient on the proper way to collect these telephones. He also saved me from financial trial and error by teaching me the basics of collecting, and I owe him a great deal. He is a wealth of information, and his restoration techniques to detail are unmatched. I have since purchased phones from him, and his phones are just incredible. Save yourself a lot of disappointment and heartache from buying junk off ebay. This site is the home of the Mercedes dealer of telephones, and he is a very kind and knowledgable dealer indeed. Thanks again Dennis, for all the hard work and effort to help a fellow collector.

Aw Shucks Dan….you’re embarrassing me! But I really appreciate the nice comments. Many collectors have offered me assistance as I continue to learn about these telephones from our past. I have yet to e-mail or speak with a long-time collector that doesn’t drop everything to help. You can call on me anytime and I will do the best I can to answer your questions or give advice. Thanks again!


I was looking around the net for a “cool” phone to get when I ran into Dennis’ site. In the end I bought a gorgeous Red 1958 W.E. phone. My Wife opened the extremely well packed (Dennis takes pride even in packaging the thing!) package and was “ooo’ing” “Aaaahing” as soon as she saw it. Dennis, it arrived safe, as describe and is so nice. It works like a charm.. They just don’t make them like this anymore. Thank you.. Johnny.

I am very glad Johnny that you are happy with your “new” telephone. I appreciate your description of your wife opening the box . I like to make opening the box part of the experience of bringing a Vintage Rotary Phone into your home. Not only do I package for the safety of the trip but also, as you said because I take pride in the work that I do whether it is detailing the telephone or wrapping it like a gift. Because it is a gift. A gift to yourself. You are correct—They just don’t make them like this anymore—and might add, you can’t get one at WalMart!

Thank you again Johnny. I’m happy to report to the world that your 1958 Western Electric model 500 is ringing loud and clear in New York!

Excellent craftsmanship and customer service, your attention to detail is amazing. My refurbished phone looks like it’s brand new. Thank you, Dennis!

Leann sent her telephone to me for a “tune up.” The telephone did not have a modular plug at the end of her line cord. Also the finger wheel had been broken. I did a complete cleaning of the phone, both inside and out. I added the necessary parts to make her phone look and work great again. Somewhere along the line the handset elements had been replaced with some after-market pieces made in Japan. I was able to provide her with the proper Western Electric transmitter elements so that the telephone would work as it was designed to do. This telephone was made in 1968. Thank you Leann for your comments. I am glad that you are pleased with results that I was able to attain with your Vintage Rotary Phone.

Hi Dennis,

Just a word to let you know how much my wife enjoys the gold Princess phone I purchased from you as a gift for her on our anniversary. We were speaking about rotary telephones from our childhood and she said that she had had a pink Princess phone as a child and how much she loved it, and that gave me the idea to contact you. The phone that I purchased from you is in perfect condition, absolutely beautiful inside and out. Perfect tone, ringer sounds strong and clear. And the light – she was amazed that we had found one for her that still lit up like her old one. And the biggest thrill was the custom number card you made for her – with her old childhood telephone number!

Your work on this special phone has made her very happy. She truly enjoys using it, and smiles every time she thinks about the surprise it provided. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again on another phone, sure in the knowledge that when it’s delivered, it will look, sound and work as well as the day it left the Western Electric plant.

Keep up the excellent work, Dennis.


It was my pleasure to be able to help you put together a telephone to surprise your wife with on your anniversary. Through our many e-mails we derived at a phone that you thought would please her. With YOUR help a dial card was put together. (In the accompanying photo of your phone I have obliterated the number for your privacy). Thank you for putting your trust in my work and I’m glad that this Western Electric Princess, Model 702B is now something you and your wife will treasure along with her memory of a phone from her childhood. Thanks Dave!


I contacted Dennis for help after discovering his site and seeing pictures of his meticulous restorations. I pulled my 1950 500 set out of storage and found that it wouldn’t ring. Having the early network block, it was not configured like later 500 sets. Other web sites I visited trying to track down the proper wiring arrangement did not have the information I needed. After a little research I realized that I had an unusually short production run phone on my hands.

Dennis went to the trouble of providing me a written explanation of how his identical 1950 set was wired and included pictures to use for reference. I connected the ringer wires to the terminals indicated in the e-mail from Dennis and my phone’s ringer came back to life after decades of silence.

I sincerely appreciate the time Dennis took to help me even though I had not purchased this long ago thrift store find from him. His devotion to the continued well-being of all 500 phones that cross his path is truly admirable. His site has also sparked my interest in the 500 model phones. My main focus has always been the 302 and earlier Western Electric phones but I have come to appreciate the indestructible qualities of the 500’s and their superior functionality for everyday use as a result of discovering this web site.

One thing occurred to me while I was working on my phone, and that is that when someone sees one of my old phones, like the 202 or 302 models, they seem to invariably ask, “Does that phone work?” but when they see a 500 model, there never seems to be a question about whether or not it works–because they do 99.9% of the time–and instead the question is more like “Is that phone connected?” I think this may have something to do with the fact that those of us from the boomer era are intimately familiar with the rotary 500’s and know how reliably they performed.

Dennis, thanks for your willingness to help us 500 model fans enjoy all of the excellent fucntionality our phones have to offer. All the best to you on your continued pursuit of 500 perfection!

You are quite welcome Ralph. It is what I enjoy. Each time I help someone else with their phone “issues” it is also a learning experience for me. I liked what you wrote about the ringer coming back to life after decades of silence. It reminded me of a time when after getting an old wind-up Victrola from my Grandmother, I played an old 78 rpm record that was inside the attached wooden cabinet. I imagined it had been many decades since the record had been played. Once again the music filled the air after years of silence—much like the ringer that you described.

Thank you Ralph for your very nice and honest comments!


I had Dennis fix up a classic black 500 for me to give to my dad for his birthday. This is the kind of phone my dad grew up with, always telling me how hard it was to talk to ANYONE in private because the phone sat in the kitchen, my grandmothers domain! This phone was still in their house when I was growing up and I loved sticking my fingers in the dialing wheel and making it ring. So when my grandparents passed away, this of course was the one thing my dad marked as his to take. Somehow in the midst of the chaos it disappeared, we were heart broken.

Long story short….Dennis has made it possible to bring this little piece of nostalgia back into our lives. The phone is stunning, Dennis you did an amazing job!!!!

Thank you so very much,
Amy Barry

I am looking forward to hearing about your father’s surprise after his birthday in April, Amy. Thank you for sharing your personal story about your father’s Vintage Rotary Phone. I’m glad that I was able to prepare a replacement phone. As you know your phone is original from May of 1956, including the very thick heavy handset cord that you see in this photo. I am certain your father will love his “new” Western Electric Model C/D 500. Thank you for the kind words!


Dennis ,All I can say about my vintage rotary phone is WOW!! It brings us joy to look at it and use it to call and tell friends and family we are talking on a 1954 phone that looks brand new. They can’t tell the difference we sound so clear. Dennis is a true professional, he took the whole phone apart and hand detailed every part even the “Screws” what a fine work he did. I am so pleased with my new but old phone. Thanks again Dennis your friend in Hawaii Norbert…

I enjoyed very much Norbert our communication and finding you the perfect Vintage Rotary Phone for you to use in Hawaii. There were times when the five hours (and later six hour after the time change this spring) difference in our clocks made “talking” a little difficult. I think we finally settled on a phone that you would like. Norbert’s telephone was made in early 1955, with dates from December of 1954 as well as January 1955. Pictured here with an original dial card, it was later changed to a card that I made with Norbert’s current phone number. Thank you for purchase Norbert and for your kind words of praise for me. I’m sure your Vintage Rotary Phonewill give you pleasure for years to come!


Dennis Markham repaired my Western Electric 1947 phone with the greatest care and attention to detail. The phone arrived yesterday in the mail; what was a scratched and battered model has returned to me in utterly pristine condion. His thoughtful and thorough correspondence was engaging. He gave me a step by step account of what he did to the phone, which brought another level of fun to the whole experience. On the phone and in every respect, Marham was the consummate professional. He offers a first rate quality of service that echoes of a bygone era. I am delighted with the outcome.

Antony, I am pleased that you were not disappointed with the refurbish job I did on your Western Electric model 302. This was a special project for me. I had worked on model 302’s in the past but yours offered some new challenges. It was nice to work on a phone other than a model 500 as well. With no pressure at all from you I was free to try and work some magic on the crack and deep gouges on the side of this phone–a phone I understand has been in your family for years. As I worked on the project I kept a photographic record of my progress. I created a web album showing the restoration process. If you (the reader) get a few moments, check it out. This was a fun project and I’m glad that I was able to improve the condition of this great phone that was made in May of 1947. Thank you Antnony for putting your trust in me and for your kind words. This Vintage Rotary Phone should be working for another sixty years!


Oh my stars – I love my phone. It just plugged right in and there was the dial tone! I called it with my cell right away to hear that beautiful ring then immediately turned off all the other ringers in the house. It is beautiful, the perfect color to match the van Gogh Iris Garden print hanging on the same yellow wall. A meticulously organized shopping experience – Dennis made frequent contact with me via email so I would have the perfect perfect replica of my childhood phone – down to the dial card with that old number…. Thank you so much – I will think of you frequently as I am tethered to the wall – who cares?

Jennifer I am very pleased that your “new” Moss Green wall phone brought back pleasant childhood memories for you. They tend to do that. I enjoyed our e-mail discussions about a Vintage Rotary Phone that you would enjoy and deciding on a card for the center of the finger wheel. Thank you again Jennifer for the purchase and your very nice comments! Come back anytime.



I found your site while I was doing personal research on Western Electric and the Bell System and I’m sure glad I did. I was just amazed at the level of restoration you provide, your attention to detail is beyond anyone’s expectation.

After viewing all the beautiful phones I decided to contact Dennis and have him work his magic on a mid 50s Western Electric 500 in “Black”. We exchanged many e-mails and even a few phone calls and I truly believe that Dennis was just as excited as I was about the project.
W.E. 1955 Model 500 - Left
I came home from work today to find a package on the porch, I brought it in and carefully opened it.
Inside was the 500 and she looked absolutely amazing. It was as if I set my Delorian to August 1955 and took her up to 88 miles per hour. This phone is stunning in appearance and mechanically works like a dream, she practically dials herself. I could not be happier with this phone or the experience in working together with Dennis. Just first class all the way.
Dan Scicchitano

Thank you, Dan for your nice comments about the Vintage Rotary Phone that I prepared for you. I like your analogy of going back in time to find this great Western Electric telephone. Perhaps that is the mystery ingredient in the pleasure I derive from bringing these phones back into service. It is like going back in time and awakening a treasure that has been silenced. I enjoyed very much my communications with you as we worked out the details of your classic black Western Electric model C/D 500 from 1955. Thank you!

Here are a couple photos of Dan’s phone, now back to work in the State of New York.WE Model 500 Left


Where to begin, this is my second phone restored by Dennis and what a beauty. I asked Dennis if he had a Western Electric 500 from the 50s, in RED. The answerer was yes. He went through this phone
and brought it back to better than new. I am so happy with the end results, a brand new 1957 Western Electric 500 in RED.

Thanks Dennis,

Best, Dan


Once again I thank you for your comments and your purchase of the 1957 Western Electric model C/D 500. Imagine, this phone is a half century old! The phone that you bought in a very nice example of a 1950’s soft plastic desk phone.1957 Red W.E. Front The phone features leather feet–better for gripping the desk top and allowing one-handed dialing, the open center finger wheel and heavy, thick matching original line and handset cords. W.E. Red Bells 1957 NICE telephones of this vintage are getting more difficult to find. Your Vintage Rotary Phone has been cleaned from top to bottom and should be around for another fifty years. Enjoy!

Dennis, thank you for my 1950s black Western Electric telephone. You shipped in on Saturday morning, and I received it on Monday, two days later and over a Sunday. I live out in the country, and I never get things this fast. Also your packing job was incredible. Thank you also for the letter explaining all about the phone. Your attention and care both to the phone, which looks wonderful by the way, and to your customers is incredible. I know I asked dozens of questions, and you were always kind and patient. I know you love your work, and it shows. After I plugged the phone in, it rang. It is amazing how the ring continues to resonate after the last gong is struck. Also, the steel and brass gears in the dial feel and sound great. The phone looks and feels almost new after over 52 years. I can’t wait to get the next phone from you that I have ordered. Again, thank you for taking such good care of me. I can honestly say that your customer service is second-to-none, absolutely the best.

Thanks again.


Thank you Jeff! No matter how many times I refurbish one of these phones and send them out into the world again, the satisfaction I get is from the satisfaction of the buyer.Jeff Bradley Model 500 Until I hear that the phone lives up to your expectations I wonder if I did my job properly. I have already begun to refurbish your second Vintage Rotary Phone. I have set the bar high for myself, challenging myself to live up to the expectation. Thanks again for your very kind words. Jeff’s phone is back in service in Missouri.


I received my second black 1950s 500 rotary phone. It is wonderful. I love both of the phones that I received from you. You do an exceptional job restoring these wonderful old phones. I smile every time I hear them ring or get to dial them. What a pleasure they are to use. I really appreciate the time you took to answer all of my questions and to even customize the phone to my needs, i.e., a longer yet period specific line cord, choice of dial card, etc. You are truly a pleasure to do business with, and I hope to do business with you again someday. Thank you very much, and to anyone else who is interested in a phone from Dennis, I am confident that you cannot find the type of product, service, and attention in today’s society that you will receive from Dennis without extreme effort…truly remarkable and rare. Thanks so much.


Thank you again Jeff. I really appreciate all the fine comments you made about my product and work ethic. I do my best on each vintage phone that I refurbish. I’m glad you and your family enjoy the telephones. Model500-2 Come back and visit anytime!

Well Dennis all I can say about the Model 302 that you sent is that it exceeded all of our expectations. My wife absolutely loves it. You helped me to make big points with the little lady. For this I can not thank you enough. The craftsmanship is far superior to what I had expected. It was like the 62 years of age were completely removed and the phone was as new as the day it was manufactured at Western Electric. Your purist attention to detail is evidence of your perfectionist character. The leather pads on the bottom were new the cord was new, but it still maintained the character of the period. This phone will be a family heirloom. My wife is already talking about getting another phone from you. I am so glad I found you on the internet and I did not buy through eBay or another auction service. We are quite happy and we thank you very much.
Chance Sloan 1946 Model 302

When Chance contacted me he had a particular telephone in mind but was not sure of the correct model number. I sent a couple of photos to him and it was the Western Electric model 302 that interested him. Chance was very patient with me in that it took several weeks for me to even get to a phone for him. I get phone orders and put requests “in line”, detailing them one at a time. Finally I was able to finish this very nice model 302, manufactured in September of 1946. The only request Chance had was that it have an original looking straight brown cloth handset cord. Thanks to Odis LeVrier’s House of Telephones I was able to fulfill that request. The leather feet were recovered by a fellow phone collector. They are ready to begin another sixty-plus years of service. On the finger wheel I placed an original dial card that is time period correct. Thank you Chance for allowing me the opportunity to prepare a phone for you and being patient enough to wait while I worked my way toward “your” phone. I appreciate the compliments and I’m very happy that you’re more than satisfied with your Vintager Rotary Phone. This phone is now in The Lone Star State.


I love my new “old” 554, 1958, western electric beautiful yellow wall phone! Also, thanks for setting up such a smooth delivery. I am definately pleased with the product and its performance. The phone was very easy to attach to the wall jack and it fits perfectly in my the kitchen. I sure am glad that I happened on your website during my phone search. I learned much just by reading the information you make available on your site. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us again, probably looking for a special phone for my son!
Model554 Wall Phone

Once again, Cindy was very patient in waiting for her turn. We had communicated about what she was looking for and I happened to have the perfect Pastel Yellow wall phone. The photograph does not do this phone justice. This telephone, made in 1958 is probably the nicest wall phone yellow model 554 that I have had pass through my hands. One of the exciting aspects of working on these old phones is that I never really know what I have until I get into the cleaning process. It reminds me of work I used to do in the dark room, developing black and white photographs. The image suddenly appears during the developing process. Often the results are greater than what was expected. Such was the case with this telephone. As I worked in the Novus2 polish the finish came to life again. This fifty year old phone is in amazing condition. I took the utmost care in completing the project. The original handset cord was shorter and a bit discolored from time. I was able to put a replacement, albeit vintage cord on the phone to accent it and make it practical.

Being the small world that it is, I learned early in our e-mail exchanges that Cindy lives in a City very close to mine. I was able to deliver her phone in person to save on shipping charges. It was a pleasure to meet her and personally hand over her Vintage Rotary Phone!. Thanks Cindy, I’m glad that you and your family love your “new” fifty year old telephone. Note on the photograph the very wide chrome hook that holds the handset. A sure sign of the age of this telephone, along with the open center finger wheel.

I recently bought an old phone from garage sale. Got it home and it didnt work. After spending an exhaustive amount of time scouring the internet for the right schematic for my W.E. 5304c (and learning how to read it). I discovered this site. I quickly emailed Dennis whining about my lame attempts to rewire my phone and the hair I had pulled out trying. Dennis stepped in an quickly got my phone wired and my hair growing again. His expertise in this area is a real savior for the rest of us. Thanks Dennis!

It was my pleasure Mundo to help you get your Vintage Rotary Phone up and running again. People often think that perhaps the phone they’ve found has a broken ringer or other internal parts keeping it from working again. However usually the case is simply improper wiring. They will work again, they just need to be wired properly. I give Mundo a lot of credit for searching for a wiring schematic on his own. Believe me, unless one is used to reading the circuit diagrams they can truly be confusing. I have my share of trouble with them and often seek help of more experienced and knowledgable collectors. Mundo sent me a few photos of his current wiring and with a simple wire replacement or two his phone was working great. Glad I could help, Mundo. Thank you!

Dennis helped me with a wall phone from 1958. I bought it on E-bay, and he helped me wire it so it would work properly. I was very pleased and relieved whenfinally we got it. And wev’e never even met!!! Any customer needing his services will be more than happy to have found him Tim S Dunedin

Tim’s phone was a challenge. We made numerous exchanges before finally, the phone was wired properly and working again. I think what often happens is that somewhere along the line people tinker with the phones, give up when they can’t get it to work and then put it up for sale in a yard sale or similar. Then when the new owner, like Tim gets the phone things are really twisted around. It is just a matter of isolating each component—first the ringer, the dial, the handset, etc., until things are wired properly. That was the case with Tim’s phone and now it’s working again just like the day it was made. I’m glad I could help Tim, thanks for the comment!

I thought that Dennis deserves a response from me, since I have purchased 4 phones from him. I would heartily recommend him and the phones were all as pictured, beautiful and carefully refurbished. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than glad to tell you my experiences in purchasing these phones from Dennis.

Thank you Mitchell! I really appreciate the comment. It was my pleasure to put together those four very nice Vintage Rotary Phones. All four of Mitchell’s phones were from the 1950’s—two Western Electric Model 500’s and two Model 554 wall phones. I enjoyed very much working on those telephones, trying my best to make them like the time when they were new.

The 1950’s Western Electric Model 500 Dennis put together for me is terrific. I can’t say enough about the job Dennis did. He took the time to make sure everything was just perfect, even swapping out the ringer for a stronger one when the original didn’t meet his own high expectations after completion. First rate workmanship & customer service. And that ringer. . . takes me back to when I was just a little shaver! I couldn’t be happier with this telephone, and all at a price I doubt anybody could beat. Thanks again so much.

Robert I really appreciate your comments. You were very patient with me as I suddenly found myself busy with multiple orders at once. I’m glad that you are pleased with your phone–obviously it was worth the wait. When I refurbish a phone I like to test them for a day or two at my desk to make sure everything is working properly. In the case of your phone I just didn’t like the sound of the ringer so I actually put two different ringers in there until the sound was just right. I take pride in all of my phones and the workmanship that goes into them. Sometimes it takes me a little longer but eventually I will provide a beautiful Vintage Rotary Phone! Enjoy!

Dennis’ phones are the very best. I am so excited and happy with my purchase. The clarity is perfect and I can hear everyone better than with a modern phone.

I am so pleased with my work of art!

Thank you Mary Jane. I’m pleased that you enjoy your Western Electric Model 302. We held our breaths as hurricanes Gustov and Ike stormed toward New Orleans where Mary Jane lives. Fortunately for her, Gustov caused minimal damage to her area and Ike turned in a different direction. Mary Jane’s Vintage Rotary Phone is now ringing loudly in the Big Easy!

The job you did on my family telephone was fantastic. The entire process from start to finish was the best transaction I have ever had. This telephone (Model 500) was in my house during childhood, teenage life and college. I spent hours on it talking to my (now) wife of 29 years and when I moved to Atlanta in 1989 my mother used it to call me so needless to say this phone is very sentimental to me. My mom died in 2001 and when we were clearing the house, I asked my sister if I could have the phone and now that I have it in my home, evertime it rings I get a warm feeling of the past. The phone stopped working about 3 weeks ago and I hit the internet trying to find someone who could repair it. Luckily I found Dennis’ site and I must say, he is very passionate about his hobby and does first class work.
Thanks Again, Dennis

Chris Sumrell
Roswell, GA

Thank you Chris. My favorite “jobs” are those in which I am able to bring back a telephone that has been in the family for some time. Maybe the phone just needs a good cleaning, a tweak here and there, a new cord, etc. The history that you have with your phone makes the telephone irreplaceable. Like with many objects, sentimental value is attached and important. I keep those things in mind when I work on these telephones—the objects of our past. It is not just another telephone—-plastic, steel and wire. It is a family treasure. The process is very rewarding for me, especially when someone like yourself can express those sentiments. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for your kind words! This is Chris’ family Kellogg model 500. Chris chose to keep the old phone sticker right where it has been for years.

I am thrilled with my phone and Dennis bent over backwards to help me with my purchase. Absoutley a wonderful experience from start to finish and I know my sister will be just delighted when Ii give her this little piece of our childhood memories for Christmas. Thank you Dennis. Roidon Lamb, Vancouver B.C. Canada

Roidon, I hope your sister doesn’t look at this site before Christmas! It will spoil her surprise. Roidon bought her sister a beautiful “soft plastic” Rose Pink Western Electric model 500 from 1957. It is a beautiful example of a Vintage Rotary Phone. I’m sure sis is going to be very happy with her new telephone. Thank you for your nice comments. I’ve said it many times before but I’ll say it again—it is very gratifying to be able to bring back childhood memories through these old telephones—and for those that don’t remember a time when these old phones were everywhere it is an opportunity to create future memories of their own. Thank you Roidon!

I just received my vintage Model 302 rotary phone in the mail today. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with this phone! Dennis took great pains in restoring this phone to as close to it’s original condition as possible. It looks amazing.

I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with his customer service, as well! It is of a by-gone era, I am afraid. We need more people with his concern for the service they provide in other places of business!Western Electric Model 302

And I can’t say enough about the packaging! You don’t have to worry about your phone in shipment! I honestly thing it could be rolled down a hill and still be untouched. Excellent!

Dennis lets you know what’s going on every step of the way with the restoration of your phone. He’s very conscientuous in giving you ever detail and being as honest and straightforward as possible. And his attention to detail with these wonderful antiques is hard to find in our “disposable” society today!

Thanks a million, Dennis! If we ever want another phone, we definitely know who we will come to!


Thank you Karen for sharing your comments about your Vintage Rotary Phone with all of us. Karen’s Model 302 was made in October of 1952, during the time of the Korean war. It now sports reproduction cloth cords that were made by Odis LeVrier at House of Telephones in Texas. As always it was my pleasure to bring this 302 back from the scrap heap and make it a productive member of society. Thanks again Karen for your nice comments. I’m glad that you like your telephone. I know it will bring you years of satisfaction to you and your family!

I wanted to write and thank Dennis for doing a wonderful job! I requested a red wall phone as a gift for my parents. Dennis had constant communication and honest answers for all of my questions and delivered the phone on time, in perfect shape for Christmas. He was even tracking the package shipment for me to make sure that it wasn’t left in the cold snow storm that we had the weekend it arrived.

My parents were really excited to update their existing olive green rotary dial phone (which didn’t match the kitchen anymore) and set the new one up right away. I called on my cell phone from the living room to test out the phone, hanging a few feet away in the kitchen!

A big thank you again, I look forward to getting my own rotary dial phone soon.

Buffalo, NY

Thank you Liz! I enjoyed putting together a phone for your parents. Liz had been very patient with me as I hunted for a nice red wall phone for her parents.Red Model 554 I was able to come up with exactly what she had in mind. Here’s a photo of the red wall phone–alive and well in Buffalo! Thanks again Liz!!

My rotary wall phone works again!!! I sent Dennis the dial mechanism which had become very difficult to turn. Dennis disassembled and lubricated all the parts, polished the plate, re-assembled, and shipped it back to me. Dialing the phone now feels silky!

John, I’m glad that your dial arrived safely and all is well. I enjoy working on Western Electric dials. Your 6A dial, made in August of 1955 should dial smoothly for another fifty-plus years! Thank you!

Thank you, Dennis, for doing such a great job with my Grandmother’s old phone! It looks and sounds great, and you got the job done so quickly. Thank you!

I am extremely pleased with the telephone I purchased from Mr. Markham, an Automatic Electric model 40. He went out of his way to restore an AE 40 for me even though I know he primarily deals in Western Electric phones. The phone arrived in better than new condition, highly polished and 100% operational. I would also like to add that the level of customer service I received from Mr. Markham is seldom seen these days. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone interested in quality antique telephones.

Thank you Chris for your nice comments. It took a while for Chris to get his A.E. 40. He contacted me for a phone at a time when I was very busy. He said he was in no particular rush and finally I was able to deliver a nice phone to him. Automatic Electric Model 40 Chris is in the military and out of the Country for long periods of time. Thanks to modern technology we were able to communicate and take care of business. I’m glad that you are happy with your phone Chris. It was my pleasure to give you the Vintage Rotary Telephone that you wanted.

I am the proud owner of a beautifully restored vintage Western Electric 500 pink rotary telephone.

Every part of this experience from the first inquiry I made to Dennis, through all the communication since, has been the most positive experience I have had making any purchase.

The incredible care with all details that Dennis puts into his business and his unbelievably wonderful customer service has all but diminished in this day and age.

I don’t really think he realizes how happy he has made me, both with this gorgeous telephone and the experience of dealing with him.

Thanks so very much Dennis, for making this tiny little wish to recreate some happy childhood memories of mine come true in such a wonderful way. I can’t wait to purchase another phone from you in the not too distant future!

Leslie M.

Thanks again, Dennis! I am so impressed with your professionalism and courtesy. It is very much appreciated! The phone is just lovely and I am excited to begin using it in my daily life. A little nostalgia every day.

I may be interested in purchasing a phone from the early part of the1930’s (my favorite period) at a later date.



Shellie, I’m glad that you are satisfied with the job I did refurbishing your North Electric “Galion” phone. I’m sure it will bring you years of service.North Electric It has been my pleasure communicating with you and working on your telephone! Thank you, again! Here is a photo of Shellie’s North Electric Model 7H6 “Galion” phone.

I want to compliment Dennis Markham for his assistance with my rotary telephone. He is highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. With his help, I was able to repair an old rotary telephone owned by my late grandmother. Without his help, the telephone would have remained a paperweight, instead of a working, living memory honoring my grandmother. Thanks again, Dennis!

You are welcome Rob. Thank you very much for your kid words. It’s great that you are able to have your Grandmother’s telephone and that it is working for you just as it did for her for years. I’m glad that I could offer assistance and we could solve the problem via e-mail. It’s bee my pleasure.

Received a Western Electric Model 302 from my Dad’s old home place. It had been in a closet for at least fifty years. I brought it home and began using it, all along wanting to restore it. Ran across Dennis’ website and sent him the phone. What I got back was the beauty of both the machine and a slower era. Very few people love their work, but when you find such a person, you are lucky. Dennis Markham is such a man. He restored the telephone to a “showroom” finish, repairing the ringer, cords, etc. with no detail overlooked. With great care he shipped the telephone back and included a little history lesson of my telephone. What I thought of as a telephone my Dad used in his teens turned out to be, quite possibly, the last telephone my grandfather ever used. Great craftsmanship and stand up customer service. Thanks DennisModel 302 - Haralson

Greg, it was my pleasure to work on your father’s telephone. I always take special interest in a family treasure that has spent some years tucked away. I enjoy very much bringing it “back to life” so that the next generation can use and enjoy the same telephone. The user, in this case you can stay connected (no pun intended) to person or persons that proceeded you, in this case your Father and perhaps your Grandfather.

I appreciate the kind words that you wrote here about my craftsmanship and service. I hope that you and your family continue to enjoy this beautiful telephone for many years to come.


Dennis did a beautiful job restoring a vintage Detroit Police Department phone that he had obtained for me. For years the DPD and other city departments used a private phone system for internal use, maintained by the city’s Public Lighting Commission. Like so many other Detroit jewels, that system is long gone. The DPD phone that Dennis brought back to life serves as a great reminder of my time spent in Detroit, when it was a city to be proud of.

Mike, thank you for your comments. I’m glad that you enjoy your Vintage Rotary Phone! When I saw this phone listed on eBay a couple of years ago (yes, it took that long for me to get it refurbished) I knew I had to buy it for you. The finger wheel dial card reads Detroit Police Telephone System. The phone is a ITT/Kellogg Model 500 dated from 1966.1966 Kellogg 500 - Detroit P.D. The dial bezel had only numbers as is often the case for telephones connected within an internal system (rather than having letters along side each number). The Bakelite G1 handset is the older style and very heavy. The dual harmonic brass ringer bells are loud and strong. This phone should be working for many years to come! Thank you again for your comments—they are well appreciated.


What a wonderful world it would be if all the people we had to deal with in life were as nice and caring about their work as Dennis Markham! I have never had such a great experience getting something fixed!

I began corresponding with Dennis in December, 2009. I have had my father’s phone for years, and I longed to have it restored so I could use it. It is the only thing I own that was my dad’s, so it is very special to me. Dennis responded quickly and gave me an estimate and very specific shipping instructions so that I would not damage my phone during the shipping. During the repair process, Dennis e-mailed me pictures and updates about my phone. He took such wonderful care of my phone….down to the tiniest detail!! I almost didn’t recognize the phone, it looked so beautiful, when I got it back. How nice it was to know that something that is so special to me was handled so carefully. And now, every time it rings, I am reminded of my father and of my childhood.

I cannot recommend Dennis Markham highly enough. His workmanship is excellent. His attention to detail is keen. And he is the nicest person you will ever encounter on the Internet! Dennis, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

When Diane contacted me and told me she had the telephone that belonged to her late father and that it needed to be refurbished, I knew that this would be an important “job”. True, there are a million black Model 500’s out there, but this one was special—to her. Which means the refurbishing of the phone would be special to me. It would be my pleasure to make the phone look as nice as possible and to make sure it was in working order. Diane, from your gracious comments I can see that you were not disappointed.

I’m glad that my effort to give you back a part of your past was successful. In your father’s telephone you have something that he used daily and something you can wrap your own memories around as you continue to use it. His Western Electric Model 500 is something that you can pass down to your children. With its great design and solid construction, your phone will be working for many years to come. When your telephone was made back in 1956 I’m sure no one expected that it would be used ten years into the next century and beyond.

Thank you Diane for your heart-felt comments and compliments on my work.
This is how Diane’s phone looks now. If you would like to take a look at some “before & after” photos, please check out my Picasa web album for this telephone.

I recently contacted Dennis because I was interested in finding a restored rotary phone that could be used every day and look “Cool” in our living room. After quite a bit of research, we finally settled on a Western Electric Model 302. I’m a perfectionist and had my doubts that a phone built in 1948 could be restored to look brand new. Well, I was wrong. Dennis located one and sent me some pictures before starting the restoration process. A few days later he updated me with photos of the disassembled phone. Some of the parts were rather beat up as you could expect from a phone that was 62 years old. A couple of days after that, he sent some updated pictures and all the parts had been cleaned or replaced and I could see that this was going to turn out exactly as I had hoped. Upon completion, Dennis sent me pictures of the finished product and I couldn’t believe that the phone wasn’t brand new. It looked terrific!!! We received the phone and when I opened the box, sure enough, the 302 looked like it had just been assembled for the first time. I plugged it in and it works perfectly. Exactly what we wanted. Dennis is a real pro. He takes pride in his work and he even sent me a letter describing in detail all the work that had been performed along with some history of the phone. This was an excellent purchasing experience and we’re so happy with the results that we want to acquire another vintage phone from Dennis.

Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful job you did on my phone!
You are the most meticulous person I have ever had the pleasure to do business with.
My phone is exactly the way I wanted it to be…in mint working order with its original as is condition on the outside. It looks and sounds just as I knew it would.
I can’t wait to send you my other one!!!!
Thanks again,

Thank you, Dennis, for the beautiful red Western Electric 500! I have wanted a rotary phone for a long time, and this one is really so lovely 🙂 You asked me really specific questions to get the phone exactly the way I wanted it, and the care and pride you put into restoring this phone for me is apparent.

Now, whenever the phone rings, my kids and I run in from the kitchen (away from the phone in there!) to hear the beautiful ring of the dual harmonic ringers!! I am looking forward to ordering another phone from you soon!

Thank you!


Jordana, I’m glad that you love your “new” Vintage Rotary Phone. I enjoyed putting something together for you that was just what you wanted. We were able to put a long coiled matching handset cord on the phone to give you a little more room to “roam”. It’s great that your making rotary phone memories for your children as well. Thank You!


Here is a photo of Jordana’s telephone!Western Electric Model 500D

I have nothing bad to say about my experience with Vintage Rotary Phones. Having dealt online with people in the past, I was a bit skeptical about the percieved level of communitaion and interaction I read about from other reviews. Boy, was I wrong! Not only was he extremely timely in responding to email (often times I would have a response the same day), he clearly articulated his ideas and thoughts so that him and I were on the same page.

An example of this is his willingness to put a little more effort into my phone in order to make it work on my phone company’s lines. He installed the Rotatone pulse to tone converter (something I highly recommend to all who aren’t able to use a pulse dial phone “out of the box”) after a couple emails back and forth voicing his opinion on the subject.

All in all, I am wonderfully pleased with my interaction with Dennis and his company. He walks you through every step of the process, explaining any problems or issues in an easy to understand format. If you are in the market for a truly factory restored vintage phone, look no further. THIS is the place for you. -Keegan

Much like the red Model 500 posted above, Keegan’s phone is somewhat different in that a Rotatone pulse tone converter was installed. That way Keegan can use the telephone as a touch tone. Red 500 - Rotatone When a number is “dialed” a tone is generated for each number dialed. Even the pound and star can be used (# *) by dialing and holding a sequence of numbers. This was a learning experience for me as it was the first Rotatone installation that I had done. The Rotatone was purchased from http://www.OldPhoneWorks.com in Canada. It is reasonably priced.

Thank you Keegan for allowing me to prepare the phone that you wanted and for your nice comments.

My Grandmother left me here 1930’s Vintage Telephone (Western Electric Model 102 – Model 334A Subscriber Set) when she passed away in 1985. It sat in my closet for 25 years until I pulled it out in January 2010 and was looking for someone to bring it back to life. I sent the Telephone to Dennis Markham and could not have been more thrilled when I received the refurbished Telephone back, looking like new and in terrific working order. What a thrill to plug it in and hear it ring. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my Grandmother. Dennis Markham did an outstanding job on the phone and the external ringer box. Dennis was able to strip off all the old paint on the Ringer Box and restore it to it’s original Copper finish. Dennis is a true Professional, who understands telephones and cares for them as if they are his own. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to refurbish an old Telephone.
Jim Kircher

This was a special project for me. I was able to work on an older telephone, bringing it back to life again after all these years. It had a special feeling to it since Jim’s grandmother had owned the telephone for so many years. Thank you Jim for your kind words.Western Electric Model 102 I appreciate your compliments very much. I have prepared a blog entry dedicated to your telephone Jim. Please take a moment to view the posting. Thank you for trusting me with your family heirloom!


I will tell you about being selected to work a home show in Tulsa, Okla. in 1956 when I was a young telephone installer. The management was expecting me to sell color phones for $10 and $5 installation charge and extension telephones for $1,15 monthly charge and $5 installation charge. At this time the new curly cue receiver cords was just coming out doing away with the straight receiver cords. Everyone coming by looking at our display wanted the new curly cue receiver cords for a one time charge of $1.25 and $5 installation charge. Later in the day Mr. Don Pickerell who was an early day Tulsa District Plant Superintenant for Southwestern Bell came by our booth and ask how the extensions and colored telephones were selling. My reply to him was Mr. Pickerell we are not selling many extensions and color phones but everyone want one of those new stretchy cord . He left slightly disgusted saying we can’t make any money selling receiver cords.

I am terribly embarrassed to admit I haven’t left any feedback here, and have had my phone restored since January 2009. I have no excuse and intend to right that wrong immediately. I bought my phone on ebay. It wasn’t working but looked beautiful and I fell in love. I live in a rural community and there are no restorers nearby so I looked online and came across Dennis. Am I ever glad I did. From our first contact to the last, he’s been warm, kind, professional, patient, generous, and knowledgable. I could write the entire feedback with more superlatives but he’s probably embarrased by now. The phone I had considered beautiful was transformed by his own hand into a stunner. And the pictures are on this site to prove it! I loved my phone then, and I love it now. Thank you Dennis and forgive me for neglecting to sing your praises. Take care and everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

Teresa, there is no apology necessary. You communicated your satisfaction with your phone on several occasions, one of which was below the original posting. Please take a moment to view my posting about Teresa’s Galion phone.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I enjoy very much working on so-called “Galion” phones manufactured by the North Electric Co. of Galion, Ohio. Your particular phone was fun to work with. I was able to locate an original dial card to put into the center of the finger wheel. I’m glad to see that nearly two years later you are enjoying your phone as much as you did in the beginning. I think it’s time for another Vintage Rotary Phone!

Thanks again, Teresa!


After a year or so of fruitless searching, I was about to give up on finding the perfect rotary phone for my wife. I came across this website and decided to shoot Dennis an email asking if he had any left. He quickly responded that he didn’t but knew someone who did. He then proceeded to make the arrangements to receive the phone, make sure it was in working condition, clean and polish it before sending it to me.

The look on my wife’s face as she opened the box that Dennis so carefully packed was worth the wait. I can’t recommend Dennis enough for anything to do with vintage telephones. He is a complete joy to work with and I will recommend him to anyone looking for vintage phones.

Thanks Dennis, hope you have a great 2011!

Thank you Jarrad for your nice comments. I’m very glad that your wife was pleased with your gift selection. As part of the phone buying experience, I like to package them carefully. First to ensure that they will travel safely to the new home but secondly I like to enhance the suspense/excitement for the buyer when opening the box. The phones are carefully wrapped in tissue paper, then bubble wrap and surrounded by protective material and foam peanuts.Lime Green Model 500 I can imagine it takes a little while to unwrap the phone completely, adding to the excitement. Your Lime Green Model 500 was in great condition. They are more difficult to find in that color. I’m glad we were able to get “Santa” some brownie points with your wife.

This is the Lime Green Model 500 that Jarrad purchased for his wife.

In my 63 years being familiar with the 500 HCAB, this is the first lime green I can recall ever seeing. Must have been a special order or they just did not send them to Oklahoma

John, this Lime Green was made by Stromberg Carlson. Western Electric did make Lime Green (color code -106) in the 80’s from what I’ve read. Thank you for your comment.

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