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Remember That Ring? – Western Electric Dual Harmonic Brass Bells

You just don’t hear that sound anymore unless you have a vintage telephone. Tucked inside this beautiful Western Electric model 500 are the dual brass harmonic ringer bells. This particular model 500 was manufactured in May of 1959 and is made of soft plastic—its color is “light beige”. Just listen to the beautiful ring—if you haven’t heard the sound of a vintage rotary phone in a while it will take you back to that time. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

1 responses to “Remember That Ring? – Western Electric Dual Harmonic Brass Bells”

I just played your WAV file and my dog jumped off the chair as if the doorbell was ringing. Weird, because she doesn’t do that when the actual phone rings. The sound from my laptop, being quite hollow compared to the real ring, must have made her think it was the doorbell!

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