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Refurbished Western Electric Model 500 Telephone- 1956

I have just finished refurbishing a very nice Cherry Red Western Electric model 500 manufactured in 1956. This phone was detailed after receiving an inquiry from a potential customer through this blog site. I put together a “photo album” showing the steps I take in refurbishing a telephone. Please take a few minutes to view the “slide show”…..I think you will be impressed with the quality of my workmanship and the care I take in putting a beautiful working telephone back into service. Just think how many world events have transpired since this telephone was first put into use over a half a century ago!

Once again I would like to feature some work done by a friend and fellow collector, Jorge Amely of Simi Valley, California. Jorge recently refurbished a very nice, rare Mediterranean Blue Western Electric model 500. He has allowed us the opportunity to share some of his repair knowledge. It’s a great photo album. Thank you Jorge!

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject or any other relating to Vintage Rotary Phones! Thank you.

3 responses to “Refurbished Western Electric Model 500 Telephone- 1956”

Very nice photo display, Dennis. It really gives the site visitor a good idea of the steps you take to restore the phones that you collect and sell.

Thanks David for your comment. The photos here just touch on the actual detail work that is involved in turning a garage-sale telephone into a collector’s piece.

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