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New Rotary Phone Forum – Take A Look

My good friend over at Classic Rotary Phones , Mark Stevens, has decided to begin a new Telephone Forum devoted to discussion of antique telephones. Whether you are a collector of many or just one antique telephone I think you would be interested in this forum. Often people have questions, like why their newly acquired telephone won’t ring, where to get parts, etc. The forum is just getting off the ground but already it is taking shape. New topics are popping up every day. Please feel free to check out the forum, register a user name and add topics to this site devoted to sharing information about my favorite pastime, collecting Vintage Rotary Phones.

To make this a really nice forum it would be great to have participation by the veteran telephone collector as well as the “newbie”. So even if you are a long time collector that belongs to the list serves of the larger telephone clubs, it would be great to have input from you. Don’t be bashful—go on over and log in!!

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