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Model C/D 500 – Vintage Soft Plastic – From June 1955 – For Sale

Red PhoneThis is a model 500 manufactured by Western Electric in June of 1955. An Ivory cord was installed the same year the phone was  manufactured as the process for matching colored cords was not available. Cords may have been Ivory, gray or black. This cord is dated ’55 and is a “fat” cord as is the line cord which is gray colored with an original 4-pronged plug on the end. A converter is available to allow the phone to be plugged into today’s modern jack for immediate use.

Red Phone

This telephone is made of “soft plastic”. The soft plastic was manufactured until 1959. It is much more durable and less brittle than “hard plastic.” This telephone is more than just a vintage telephone for your desk–it is a true collectible. Starting with the finger wheel, it is the soft center fingerwheel with an original number card. The card reads Wait For Dial Tone and has the number ELwood-1-2506. This is NOT a computer generated reproduction but an original time period correct number card.Parts

The date stamped on the inside edge of the telephone casing is June 10, 1955. The “2” indicates the second shift that day. In 1959 the date was no longer stamped here but molded into the plastic during the manufacturing process.



The handset pieces are all dated June of 1955. As you can see the transmitter and receiver pieces are dated June 21, 1955 and are original!! Note the 6 holes in the receiver cap. In later years the caps were made with 7 holes. Another indication of authenticity.

The bottom shows beautiful suede covered “feet”. The model of C/D 500 above the date of June 1955 is indicated. The control wheel for adjusting ringer volume is here also.


The inside of the phone has been cleaned and detailed. See how those harmonic dual brass ringer bell gongs shine!

There are no cracks, breaks or chips on this telephone. The handset cord has faded somewhat over the years–with a little yellowing. Remember it’s fifty-one years old! This is a true classic telephone!

I have worked on many telephones–many RED telephones and this is the finest I have come across.

2 responses to “Model C/D 500 – Vintage Soft Plastic – From June 1955 – For Sale”

Do your phones come with a warranty? What is the typical price for one of you restored 500 phones? Do you sell off-eBay or only through eBay?

Telephones that I sell come with a one year limited warranty. Although I believe this phone if properly cared for will last another fifty years, I will guarantee for one year that it will work properly. If you have any problems with a telephone purchased from me just contact me and we’ll see if we can’t fix the problem. I have sold many telephones and have yet to run into any problems.
I offer my phones for sale both on eBay and off eBay. I think my eBay feedback is testimony to my trustworthiness. The price of a telephone varies. The price is based upon which model, the age,quality of the phone and the rarity of each particular telephone.

Payment can be made by using PayPal. I also accept personal checks, money orders or cashier’s checks. Personal checks will be held until payment clears. PayPal payment can be send to dgmarkham@comcast.net. Thank you!

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