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Classic Rotary Phones

Thanks to this web/blog site I have met many many fine people. Most of the time they are just looking to have a question answered about a newly purchased Vintage Rotary Phone. Very often one e-mail turns into many e-mails and information is shared.

Recently I had such a contact with a friendly web visitor by the name of Mark Stevens from Texas. Mark had a question about a Western Electric model 302 that wouldn’t ring. With a simple wiring change we got Mark’s phone ringing again. Since then we have had many discussions regarding old telephones and restoring them. Well Mark created a blog site of his own. It’s called Classic Rotary Phones. Give it a look. The appearance is vintage the postings are very well written. Post a comment and let Mark know you’re out there. It’s fun to share information with people about Vintage Rotary Phones.

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