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Archive for the 'Stuff for Sale' category

The articles shown on these pages are from the “Stuff for Sale” category.

Let Me Refurbish Your Vintage Rotary Phone

Maybe you’ve had an old rotary dial telephone for a while that has been hiding in a box somewhere. Maybe up in the attic or just shoved into a closet. Well it’s time to get that telephone out and let it work for you again. If it’s been a while since you’ve heard it ring you are in for a treat. Maybe the dial is sticking a bit, or it doesn’t have a modern plug on the end of the cord. I can help. Read the rest of this post »

1959 Western Electric Model 500 C/D – Classic Black

I have just completed detailing a very nice classic black Western Electric desk phone. This beautiful vintage rotary phone is unique in that all dated parts are original—from December 1959, with the exception of the handset cord. I replaced the original 1959 cord as it was slightly stretched. This one is dated 1963. The original handset cord is in nice shape except for the slightly stretched look and is available to the buyer if originality would like to be maintained. Please take a minute to check out the entire description on eBay! There are more photographs posted there.

This telephone has sold – Please check back for another beautiful Western Electric telephone for sale soon!

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