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August 16, 1977 – E.P., Phone Home

Elvis In Phone Booth - Hello, Mama?

If you are old enough to remember thirty-one summers ago then you probably remember the day Elvis Presley died. I guess the date caused me to reflect a moment . Being the pack-rat that I am, I still have the newspaper from the following morning declaring The King’s death. Today I wondered if I could find a photo of Elvis talking on a Vintage Rotary Phone. This was the best I could do. I did stumble on a blog site related to Elvis and his phone number. It was a question and answer situation where someone was asking the “expert” for phone numbers for Graceland at the time when Elvis lived—and died there. Here is what the expert wrote:

“The last private phone number to Graceland was (and still is) (901) 397-4427.
If you would have called this number in 1977, it would have either rang directly to Elvis’ bedroom or to his father’s office. Should someone besides Elvis answer, all you would have had to say was, “Let me speak to John
Borroughs, please” and you would have heard, “Yes, Sir. Please hold.” NO QUESTIONS ASKED. John Borroughs was Elvis’ codename and anyone knowing this was put directly through to him, provided he was available and not touring at that particular time.”

Some still believe he is still among the living, living out his life in seclusion. Elvis, if you’re out there—-phone home.


Source of the quoted information: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Presley-Elvis-562/Elvis-phone-nomber-Graceland.htm

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