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Vintage Rotary Dial Telephones!

Most people over the age of forty are familiar with rotary dial telephones.  Today, many people no longer have home phones or a home phone line.  They have been replaced by the cellular phone.  I will bet however that it has been many years since those people have heard the beautiful ringing sound made by the dual harmonic brass ringer bells of a vintage phone.  Or perhaps for our younger reader, they have only heard that ringing sound on television or in the movies.

Quite by accident I stumbled on a rotary telephone about ten years ago while searching eBay for an old radio. Before long I was browsing through the list of rotary telephones being offered for sale. I bought one and the rest is history. I now own well, a lot of phones. I have had many many phones pass through my hands. I have learned how to properly restore the phones to make them look and sound beautiful, putting telephones back into service all across the United States, Canada and other Countries of the world. I enjoy very much sharing my enthusiasm along with the enthusiasm of other collectors or someone just looking for one working vintage phone—like the one they had when they were young.

This site is dedicated to the discussion, display, refurbishment and sale of those vintage rotary telephones.
Dennis Markham

I welcome comments from everyone—those more experienced and those just wanting to ask a question about their Vintage Rotary Phone. Select the “Blog” tab at the top of this page to read my latest postings. There are photos, sound clips and links to other sites that provide a mountain of information about telephones from years gone by—true examples of Americana—instruments of progress that carried us through the industrial revolution.

It seems that in today’s world these Vintage Rotary Phones from our past are becoming very popular.  From my involvement in the telephone community it is evident that more and more old phones are being put back into service.  Perhaps it is a baby boomer enjoying a phone like the one used in his/her childhood or just someone that appreciates telephones that were made when quality meant something.  Although these people may have  modern, cordless phones they still enjoy hearing the loud ring of the dual harmonic brass bells and the appearance of a Vintage Rotary Phone in their home.

Thanks for stopping by Vintage Rotary Phones!

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